About us

St Mary's-Greyfriars' Church building

In January 2004, the congregations of St Mary's and Greyfriars' churches in Dumfries merged and this union is now also part of a linkage with Caerlaverock church.

St Mary's-Greyfriars' is situated on St Mary's Street (opposite the Cairndale Hotel) in an elevated position. It is a historic building with a long tradition of worship. Across the street there is an excellent, newly refurbished church hall which hosts many social events and is home to several local groups.

Our church

We are a Church of Scotland congregation with a specific Christian care and mission responsibility to the homes, schools, nursing homes, businesses and environment of our parish. Our parish extends between Annan Road and Lockerbie Road (with their surrounding streets), Greenbrae, Noblehill, Gasstown, Brownrigg and Marchmount and takes in the part of Dumfries town centre between Newall Terrace and English Street along Hood's Loaning to Morrisons and up Brooms Road to Millburn Avenue and Annan Road.

We are a diverse people who are joined together by a common shared desire to know God more. From our teaching and our experience we have found that through Jesus Christ we can have a deeper relationship with God. We have also found that God keeps this deeper relationship live with the connecting power of His Holy Spirit in and around us.

The church meets together regularly for worshipping God. We hope that our songs and hymns are worshipful to God and encourage one another in faith. The ministry is Bible-based with a keen ear on what God was trying to communicate when the Bible was first written, and what he is trying to say to us today. We hope that our ministry is honouring of God and encourages stronger relationships with him, with one another and with our world.

We have found that God has called us into community, so we meet together often to socialise, to eat together, drink coffee, talk and share every day life with one another. We have a wide range of social events and groups that meet in our halls including coffee mornings, youth groups, music and art.